Course Duration Registration Fee Fee Investment Detailed Fee Structure
B.Sc. (IT & Logistics) 6 Semesters 10,000 39,500 / Semester Click here
B.Com (Logistics & Shipping) 6 Semesters 10,000 37,500 / Semester Click here
BBA (Logistics & Shipping) 6 Semesters 10,000 37,500 / Semester Click here
Course Duration Registration Fee Fee Investment Detailed Fee Structure
Global MBA (Logistics & Supply Chain) 2 Semesters 35,000 3,65,000 Click here
MBA (Logistics & Shipping) 4 Semesters 25,000 77,500 / Semester Click here
PGP (Logistics & Shipping) 2 Semesters 20,000 87,500 / Semester Click here
Course Duration Registration Fee Fee Investment Detailed Fee Structure
Professional Diploma (Logistics & Shipping) 1 Semester 10,000 30,000 / Quarter Click here
  • Indian Institute of Logistics is an approved institution of Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. Offering MBA (Logistics & Shipping) under CPP (Center for Participatory Programme).
  • For legal purposes, the student is deemed to have been enrolled @ Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, for the entire duration of the course under CPP. For Jurisdiction purpose, the Chennai court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the matter and the laws prevailing in India shall apply.
  • Enrolment for the course, together with payment of the required deposits or first semester of fees creates a binding agreement to follow the course and pay the full fees. Even if a student subsequently decides not to complete the course, no refunds can be made as a seat has been committed to the student for the duration of the programme and the Indian Institute of Logistics will not entertain any request for refunds.
  • Indian Institute of Logistics offers tuition on a 'per course' basis and not based on number of hours of instruction which may vary, Indian Institute of Logistics further requires all students to attend lectures, classes, tests and to submit written work as assigned by lectures and tutors regularly, No classes will be scheduled on public holidays.
  • Students will be charged a late fee of Rs.1,500 per week per instalment if he/ she fails to pay the tuition fee as per instalment structure agreed.
  • The students will be liable for all legal expenses incurred in recovering late or non-payment of tuition fee on an indemnity basis. In the event of such legal action taken by the training center against you, Indian Institute of Logistics reserves the right to claim the full amount due from the student.
  • Indian Institute of Logistics reserves the right to dismiss the student from the course at any time if the student fails to fulfil the above requirements or if a student's continued presence would, in the opinion of Indian Institute of Logistics be detrimental to the well - being of the students and the staff in general. The refund of fees of an expelled student is wholly at the discretion of Indian Institute of Logistics.
  • The Student shall indemnify Indian Institute of Logistics for any loss or damages occurring as a result of his / her negligence or wilful misconduct during practical visits or during the process of training.
  • If a student changes his / her course of study during the term, no refund will be given for the revised courses if the number of subjects involved are less than that for which original enrolment was accepted. Additional conversion fees will be charged if the change involves an increase in the number of subjects over that of the original enrolment.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he / she fully complies with the requirements and does the necessary examination registration with the relevant University / Examining body. In this respect, Indian Institute of Logistics will endeavour to assist the student in whichever way necessary. The student will be charged separately for these services.
  • All representation made by Indian Institute of Logistics regarding the awarding University / Examining body and the external programme are based on information made available by the University / Examining body and are comprehensively contained in Indian Institute of Logistics printed information or in Indian Institute of Logistics websites. As the university reserves the right to change programme details without any notice to the student, Indian Institute of Logistics shall not be liable for any representations made about the University / Examining body which will therefore not be deemed as a term of enrolment.
  • Indian Institute of Logistics reserves the right to cancel a course on two weeks' notice prior to the commencement date of the course whereupon any fees paid will be refunded in full.
  • Indian Institute of Logistics does not provide 'PARKING' for vehicles to the students in any of its premises. However, Parking is at “Owner's Risk”.
  • Indian Institute of Logistics reserves the right to withdraw a subject up to four weeks after commencement date. If it is considered that the subject is not viable whereupon an alternative subject will be offered or a pro-rated refund of the course fees given.
  • Indian Institute of Logistics also reserves the right to vary the subjects offered, the timetable programmes scheduled and teaching staff so as to provide better services to the students or as may be required by the University/ Examining body or by the Ministry of Education.
  • All Notes/ hand outs, class video tapes and other materials given to students are the intellectual property of Indian Institute of Logistics and are given to registered students of the class as consideration for enrolment who agree to respect the intellectual property rights of Indian Institute of Logistics.
  • Students who have enrolled for Gulf Plan for Industrial Internship Programme / Project work - in the event of the student being rejected by Immigration authority of UAE for a VISA, Institute's responsibility is limited to arranging for the student to continue with the programme in India.
  • By Becoming the Student of Indian Institute of Logistics / signing this application, you are termed to have accepted with free and full consent all the agreements and contract between you and the institution. And that you have also agreed and accepted all contracts and agreements concluded between Indian Institute of Logistics and Other Institutions / Companies, for the betterment of the course for which you have registered yourself.
  • This training is not meant for 'JOB', this is for a “CAREER “and the student is expected to pursue this career for best results.
  • MBA(Logistics & Shipping)/ Post Graduate Programme (Logistics & Shipping)/ Diploma (Logistics & Shipping): Indian Institute of Logistics conducts its own programs in Logistics and related subjects and does not teach any Foreign Institute courses. Bharathiar University, Coimbatore / Good Ocean Maritime (Institute for Logistics) awards its renowned Certificates in Recognition of Excellence of Indian Institute of Logistics programme. The certificate is conferred by Bharathiar University/ Good Ocean Maritime (Institute of Logistics) does not come under the purview of AICTE.
  • In case the student discontinues the course at any stage or he / she been dismissed from the course, the fees once paid by him / her will not be refunded. If the student is paying the fees in parts, then only after the payment of full fees of the course he / she shall be relieved from the course.
  • Admission to the course is subject to satisfactory performance at an Oral Aptitude Test (OAT) conducted by Indian Institute of Logistics at its various centres and the right of admitting a student in a course is reserved to the institution.
  • The Student, by filling and duly signing this application, states and declares his/her consent to abide by all the rules and regulations framed by the institution which may be amended from time to time for the betterment of the course / student community.
  • The institution reserves the right to make new policies and take decisions at any time for the betterment of the course / student community.
  • The student is expected to follow utmost discipline both inside and outside the campus, failing which he / she shall be liable to be dismissed from the course immediately.
  • Enrolment for MBA (Logistics & Shipping) is subject to University's acceptance. If the university declines enrollment for any reason. The student shall be converted to Post Graduate Programme in Logistics & Shipping (PGP) - 15 months including 6 months (Class) + 3 Months (Unpaid Internship) + 6 Months (Class).
  • Indian Institute of Logistics will interact/ deal with the current batch students only when the students are in formal attire like uniform with tie, shoes and ID card from Monday to Friday. On Saturday smart casuals with ID card and shoes may be warned.
  • Minimum attendance required by University and UGC is 70%.
  • Any student whose Attendance is Less than 70% but above 60% shall pay a condonation Fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five hundred only) for every 1% shortage.
  • Any student having less than 60% attendance but, above 50% shall pay a condonation fee of Rs.1000/-(Rupees one thousand only) for every 1% shortage.
  • Indian Institute of Logistics reserves right of admission to the courses/ programmes
  • Students are to: a. Attend mandatory pre-finals exams for internal marks, failing which students have to regularise by remitting Rs. 1000/- for each paper b. To remit a fee of Rs. 2000/- towards 2 sets of uniform material c. No student shall be allowed to enter the classrooms without Indian Institute of Logistics uniform, ID card and formal shoes
  • Usage of mobile phones inside the classrooms is strictly prohibited
  • Next semester fees due, to be cleared before taking up End Semester Examinations

Particulars Amount in INR
University Application form fee 500
Examination Fees / Semester - UG 1,750 / Semester
Examination Fees / Semester - PG 3,750 / Semester
Statement of Marks - MBA (Logistics & Shipping) 500 / Semester
Statement of Marks - BBA (Logistics & Shipping) 200 / Semester
Statement of Marks - B.Com (Logistics & Shipping) 200 / Semester
Statement of Marks - B.Sc (IT & Logistics) 200 / Semester
Viva Voce Fee (Per Viva) 400
Project Bonafide Fee 50
Course Completion Certificate 500
Mandatory Graduation Ceremony Fee (UG / PGP / MBA)
Books & Stationery - MBA (Logistics & Shipping) 3,500 / Semester I & III
Books & Stationery - BBA (Logistics & Shipping) 1,500 / Semester I to V
Books & Stationery - B.Com (Logistics & Shipping) 2,500 / Semester I to V
Books & Stationery - B.Sc (IT & Logistics) 3,500 / Semester I to V
Books & Stationery - PGP (Logistics & Shipping) 2,500 / Semester I & II
Books & Stationery - Prof. Diploma (Logistics & Shipping) 2,500 / Semester I
Uniform Fee (Per Year) 2,000 / Year (Odd Semesters)
Non Refundable Caution Deposit (One Time) 6,900
Transfer Certificate 1,200
Mandatory Internship Assistance Fee 7,500
Mandatory Placement Assistance Fee 8,500
Internship Offer Letter + Record Book Fee 100
Particulars Amount in INR
Late Fee Payment (Per Week) 1,500 / Week
ID Card Request Fee (If lost) 150
Request for Bonafide Letter 50
Request for Bonafide Letter with Photo 100
Course Conversion Fee 25,000
Hall Ticket Issuance Fee (If lost) 200
Arrear Fee / Paper - UG 1,500 / Paper
Arrear Fee / Paper - PG 2,000 / Paper
Reapperance for Project /IIP Viva Voce 6,500
Safe Locker Charges per Year for Unclaimed Certificates 1,000
Mandatory Pre Finals Penalty / Exemption Fee 1,000 / Subject / Semester
Penalty for shortage of attendance (50% - 59%) 1,000 / Percentage
Penalty for shortage of attendance (60% - 69%) 500 / Percentage
Internship Record Book Fee (If lost) 500
Gulf - Insurance 1,500 or at Actuals
Change of Internship Location 6,750